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Our facilities and staff provide a relaxed environment and attitude so that our clients achieve the excellence their projects deserve. CBSS uses analog and digital gear which is state-of-the-art featuring the latest technology.

We have an assortment of Class A microphones, along with Avalon, and Universal Audio preamps. Productions are warm and pristine. Logic Pro is our DAW of choice. We use cutting-edge technology in our audio plugins and software instruments. We have a large assortment of guitars, bass, and amps, so you have plenty of choices for your productions.

With our expertise, experience, and knowledge, CBSS is the right choice for your project. We also offer Remote Recording at your gigs, schools, and special events.


Our commitment to excellence shines in our production work, as this is one of our specialty services.

At Crystal Blue Sound Studio you are free to focus on your artistry. Throughout the years, we have served as producer, co-producer, and engineer on many projects in all genres.

​Crystal Blue Sound Studios can oversee and direct the production and recording. We also have the knowledge and experience to get the best studio performances from our clients. We do it all.

Our studio is great for solo artists or bands looking for fresh new concepts and perspectives of their sound.

We offer top-notch professional production in three tiers, which allows us to cater to all budgets.

Mixing + Mastering

Mixing and mastering is where the magic happens!

Your final mix is meticulously balanced with dynamics and excitement.

Mastering then transforms your art into a radio-ready treasure.

Reserve your next Mixing and/or Mastering session with CBSS. Our experienced, friendly staff and our state-of-the-art gear and software ensures you will be proud of your final product.


Our video services include 4K and 1080p high-definition video integrated with pro audio for in-studio or on-location shoots.

We work with bands, recitals, music videos, video podcasts and more.

Let us know what type of video services you're looking for in your next production.

Contact us to get a free consultation for video and video production needs. We can help guide your production to suit your needs.


CBSS offers podcast recording services from an audio or video approach.

The studio had once started its own video podcast series, which was followed by a client coming in for the same, utilizing the green-screen facilities available at CBSS.

Crystal Blue Sound Studios has been involved in the recording and post-production of podcasts that have gained notoriety. The podcast "Now Hear This Entertainment" has recorded large volumes of weekly episodes are now heard around the world via iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and Soundcloud. Some of the guests were interviewed in-studio while others were brought in using conferencing technology that CBSS later EQs in post-production.

With podcasting strengthening its grasp on the on-demand audio platform, the medium is certainly here to stay. Contact us today to inquire about starting your podcast at Crystal Blue Sound Studios.

Online Lessons

Crystal Blue Sound Studios offers online lessons if you're needing assistance mastering your craft.

We teach a variety of classes if you're looking to learn more about music or video production.

Online lessons are a great way to learn from anywhere. We care about creating a successful learning environment for you. We're here to help you grow as a musician, podcaster, engineer, or videographer.

Some of our classes include: Audio Production, Audio Engineering, songwriting, guitar lessons, Podcasting, Live Music, Building a Band, Online Recording Sessions, Software Instruments and Plug-ins.

Contact us to talk more about online education.
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